Synergy WorldWide makes sure that every batch of every product meets strict quality standards. Only the purest, most potent ingredients pass the test, and only tested, proven formulas become Synergy products. The quality assurance laboratories and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility make Synergy WorldWide an industry leader in quality nutritional supplements.


Our manufacturing facility consists of four quality assurance labs, each of which plays a specific role in ensuring product quality. Our scientists have nearly 600 unique tests at their disposal to determine the quality, purity, and potency of all raw materials and finished products. Both raw materials and finished products undergo up to 10 days of testing. We spend about $1 million per year on quality testing alone.


All raw herbs included in Synergy products arrive here from vendors who have passed our strict audits. In this lab, the herbs are identified for their genus and species. They are then tested for soil contaminants, such as dirt, ash, pesticides, and radiation. We’re also confirming that the herb sample contains the most potent part of the plant. If we need the leaf of a plant, we don’t want to find any stem particles. Any material that doesn’t meet Synergy’s specifications is immediately rejected.


Samples are tested in the Mineral Lab to validate the mineral claims stated on the product labels. In addition, every batch of finished product is tested for possible contamination, which ensures no trace of harmful minerals, such as arsenic, lead, aluminum, and cadmium. Special equipment in this lab will expose potential contaminants using a high-arch flame. The flame incinerates each sample down to its chemical makeup, making it easy to ensure that our supplements contain only safe minerals.


The Vitamin Lab wears many hats. It’s a testing site for raw vitamin material, liquid products, powdered products, capsules, and tablets. The tests in this lab ensure that all label claims, including vitamin percentages, are met. Perhaps the most important test conducted in this lab is the dissolution test, which is designed to simulate the digestive system. This test confirms that every finished product breaks down properly in the stomach so that you can enjoy the full nutritional value of each product.


We’ve arrived at the fourth and final lab, which just so happens to be the busiest lab in quality assurance. Every raw ingredient and every finished product passes through this lab. In the Micro Lab, raw material and finished product samples are placed in a Petri dish or film where they sit in a medium that accelerates the potential growth of bacteria. If our experts find signs of harmful bacterium, such as E. coli, listeria, or salmonella, the raw material or product batch is rejected. Interestingly, after our testing and manufacturing machinery has been thoroughly cleaned, Synergy uses the Micro Lab to audit the machine’s cleanliness with a sterile swab. Then, the swab is incubated and inspected in the Micro Lab. Our cleaning procedures are validated when the swab proves to be bacteria free.


To put it simply, the issuing rooms are where Synergy recipes are first assembled. Ingredients that have passed all quality assurance tests are pulled from the warehouse and brought to an issuing room to be measured and weighed. The issuing room is the first place on the tour that you will see employees dressed in issued uniforms. All of the raw ingredients assembled in the issuing room are ground into the correct size particle and poured into one of our customized metal bins connected to the bin charging room on the floor below. The finished recipe is weighed again, and then taken to the mixing rooms where their contents are thoroughly combined.